African Elephant Conservation Research Foundation (AECRF)

African Elephant Conservation Research Foundation is a Kenya registered NGO founded in 2022 dedicated to protecting and conserving the Tsavo elephant population, their habitat and other wildlife by providing scientific data to Kenya wildlife authorities for the formulation of management strategies.

Mission Statement

       To preserve the biodiversity of the Tsavo Conservation Area to benefit wildlife and the local community. The three key objectives of the foundation are to:  Conserve the habitat, conserve and protect the Tsavo elephant population and engage the local community in habitat and wildlife conservation that will benefit elephants and humans.

Our aim is conservation through research in the Tsavo Conservation Area, which is the largest protected area in Kenya and home to the largest single elephant population in the country. The Tsavo elephant population is faced with numerous threats which include habitat loss, poaching, conflict with humans and climate change.  Long-term data collected by the Tsavo Elephant Research Project, which started in 1989, is used to monitor changes in the habitat, trends in elephant behavioral-ecology and the effects of climate change.